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If I fall back down, you’re gonna help me back up again

it’s that time of the year. what time? you ask. why, tax time of course. i filed my first ever tax return last week. and because i was taxed like a motherfucker (read: non resident) for the better part of the last financial year i received a nice cheque for $3299.85. fucking stunning. i’ve never had so much money in my life! so. to celebrate the missus and i are off to buy a new computer tomorrow. woohoo! drool at my specs:

P4 2.4G 800FSB CPU
15” LCD Monitor + Speaker
512MB DDR Pc2700
Samsung 16x DVD
48X48X24 CD/CDRW
80G 7200RPM HDD
GA-8S648FX 800FSB M/B
64MB Gf4 Mx440 DDR TV
400W USB2 Midi Case
Wheel Optical Mouse

all for a tidy sum of $1377, i might add. it’s about time too. this pc is about to die on me. so expect me in good spirits for a while, at least until i fuck that one up too.

not much else has been happening with me recently. jassa was here last weekend. we demo-ed some new songs and got wasted at Tim Ferres’ 21st. which was fun. I found out a friend of mine from work called Andrew is a sound engineer also and used to own one of the top 3 studios in melbourne in the early-mid nineties. he recorded such class acts as Tex Perkins, Nick Cave, Kylie Minouge and Frenzal Rhomb among others. which makes me wonder why the fuck he’s working in a call centre. doesn’t make my future look bright!

oh, i am downloading the new rancid record as i write this. should be done by the morning and will be sure to let you all know whether you should all shell out and buy it or not. anyways. i’m going to tuck myself into bed now and read my new comic books. g’night.

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Posted by chris @ 07/26/2003 12:23 PM AST

Thats pretty sweet. I love getting a new computer. Its so awesome when its all new and not cluttered with programs and stuff.

Posted by Edo @ 07/26/2003 10:28 AM AST

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