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Sick Sunday

Still not really feeling much better today. Feeling weak, sore throat, blocked up nose and a never ending barrage of SARS jokes from my flatmate.

Inspired by Mike, I have started downloading Championship Manager 4. I’ll let you know how the game plays in about 4 days or so.

Tuesday is the mother of all television watching days. Ric Flair is going to be on Rove Live (WoooOOOOooo!!!), the series finale of The Office is on, Buffy is on and the one hour special 300th episode of the Simpsons.

Today I learnt basic CSS and XHTML coding. What a fun afternoon that was. None of what I have learnt I can really apply to making this website better. Actually, have you seen Dan’s website? It’s got some pretty nice design work on it. Dan, you should do the next layout for the site.

Dan’s site can be found here.

Tonight I have to write a treatment for a 4 minute drama. So I’m doing a modern version of King Lear in a ghetto setting. I’m using a rapper for my narrator as he tells the story while freestyling. I’m reversing the sexes so the main character will probably be called Aa-Lear or JLear or something.

Depending on how I feel, the Hulk Up sessions may start tomorrow.

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thanks for the warning. I’m downloading one thats like 250mb and it has lots of detail and shit in it so I’m hoping it’s the right one.

Posted by Edo @ 05/05/2003 11:37 AM AST

cool, you are getting CM4! that means we can play over the internet. that would be sweet. be careful which version you get over kaaza. some of them are actually microsoft publisher and shit. the version i got was the one that is just under 300MB. around 297MB. just letting you know so you don’t waste your time like i did downloading shite before actually getting the game!

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