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Flight Control


Platform:  iPhone
Developer:  Firemint Studios
Publisher:  Firemint Studios

One of the first great I-phone games, Flight Control is a simple concept that works wonders.  You use the touchscreen to guide and land colour-coded airplanes to their corresponding landing strips.  It never gets more complicated than this in its design and yet it has the two key hallmarks of the greatest games:  ‘quick to learn, difficult to master’ and ‘just one more go’.

In selling the concept of the I-phone being a viable gaming platform, something that Apple has never successfully been able to do in the past, Flight Control is also a fantastic advertisement: It costs almost nothing and despite its simplicity, its not really a concept that could be pulled off on any other platform.

5 second review: It takes 5 seconds to learn how to play Flight Control and it also takes this long to describe its awesomeness.

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Summary : Simple concept, good execution.

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