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These days I try and keep a low a profile as possible. I stay home, I hardly go out and I just do my work so I can pass my classes for the semester and then get down to the business of enjoying my holiday. The source of my angst of course is pretty obvious. So I got another call from Polly last night and she invited me to a bunch of things, and offered to do all sorts of stuff, all of which I turned down making me look like a prize asshole. This whole ‘Give me some space to do my own thing for a while’ is obviously not registering with her. But I can handle talking to her once a week I guess. No big deal.

So today I met up with my tutor for my corporate documentary class. You see, our team is suffering a serious staff shortage. We got no camera guy and no sound for our last two shoots. I volunteered to do sound so that was taken care of. We couldn’t get a camera guy but thats why we were meeting my tutor, because she would arrange one for me.

She said she’d look up one of her old students who is currently sitting around not doing anything. She clicked away on her computer and then after a little while, success!, she found someone. She emailed that person and turned around to me and said:

“Congratulations! I got you a new camera guy. His name is Nigel. He’s very good. I sent him your number and he’ll probably call you later today.”

Small world.

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My girlfriends and I came across this site… and it was totally cool for a while until.. this Edo dude kept going on and on bout him and this Polly chick.
You are going bout it all wrong pal!
GET OVER IT!!!! You are one bitter boy! You wanna pass of as this macho- I -don’t -care- bout- you & I am going to be buffed to show the world I am a real 100% chucky piece of beef jerky – but dude… you come off as a whinny brat!
Your ego will get you no where.

Posted by FuCkeDAnGel @ 05/29/2003 07:07 AM AST

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