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Wait, so you’re a grammar expert now?

Just because you’re the webmaster of this page doesn’t mean you’re infallible, Edo. Geez, some people get the craziest ideas in their heads nowadays.

If you’d’ve put Rod’s update into context correctly you would have noticed that he was talking about one of my links in the sidebar of my DiscoFrog site. Since when have I used the word ‘obsoletion’ in any of my updates on this site? For God’s sake. At least make a convincing argument if you’re going to hassle me for my grammar. It’s a bit rich coming from you, if you ask me. “Abbravating”? Don’t tell me that’s a real word. Or is it a poorly spelt version of “aggravating”?

And I challenge you to find any spelling errors in any of my updates on this site. Go on. They may not be interesting but at least they’re correct.

(I wouldn’t have updated tonight, but Edo’s post was begging for a retort)

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