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Light hearted political anti-Bush humour


Posted by Matt @ 01:52 AM AST [Link] [2 comments]

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he he… nationalist.

Posted by Matt @ 06/06/2003 01:44 AM AST

If that guy is such a nihilist, why does he bother to write anything? If he doesn’t believe in anything, how can he believe that his keyboard exists or that his words are being read by anybody or that the internet is real? If he doesn’t like George Bush or Christian values so much, why doesn’t he move to some godless and immoral socialist dictatorship…like Canada?
If you continue to give credibility to the Blame America First crowd, Matt, I swear I’ll initiate a savage and brutal letter-writing campaign against you!

Posted by Rush Limbaugh @ 06/05/2003 11:42 PM AST

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