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I think that there should be a Rudeboy-English Dictionary. It would make entertaining reading. If in agreement with something, it’s Standard. When exclaiming your excitement its Allow! (with exclamation mark too) and always always ALWAYS end your sentences with, Ya Get Me? It is also acceptable to throw in a Yeah at the end of that, just to mix it up a little. When entering a room with lots of people or even say a party, roll your tongue and blurt out Bluuu’h three times at the top of your voice.

Maybe I should be the one to write it. What you chattin about?! (as in I am not making any sense and should therefore shut it)

Anyway, so I’m back at my sisters. I saw Mean Girls yesterday, if only they had kept to the darker side of the film, i would have liked it alot more. But I dont mind that i forked out five quid to watch it, so it wasn’t bad either. Bought some things at Ann Summers, because well…I felt like it. And then i got some McDonald’s but instead of a cheeseburger the lady gave me some small fries. I saw it as a sign that i shouldn’t pig out, so i didn’t complain.

I had a rather good mini adventure on Saturday night. We were all sitting around in the living room at Luan’s house watching shit television, complaining that we never go out. So Rowan kicks us all up the bum and before we know it we’re on the way to a street party out on the Thames. Apparently it happens every year, where people just set up a massive sound system on the sand bank at low tide and people just party all night. Or until the tide comes up. Its illegal, but the police turn a blind eye to it because they know once the tide comes back in, people have no choice but to go elsewhere. So we get there, and I’m jigging around all over the place because you know, thats what I do. Someone asked Stephane if he was the mushroom man. It was so surreal, because…a rave in the middle of the night along the Thames??

After that we walked for ages, just because it was a really nice night. We walked past the National Theatres, and The Globe where Rowan’s friend JonJon started reciting shakespeare at the top of his lungs to the actors that were out after their gigs. Well, i think it was Shakespeare. He could have just been yelling. We ended up on a barge, where someone was having a party. We left and as we walked out on the deck one of those massive liners was cruising past just about to pass underneath the bridge. It was so pretty at night, with all the lights up. We eventually got the bus back, and I crawled under the covers at half five, with the sun fully up and shining. I had a good sleep i think. I mean…i woke up in the same position at three in the afternoon. So i guess i was too tired to move even in my sleep.

My only plans for the few days is to read a few books, watch television and curl up with the cat. Because fretting over flat hunting, worrying that i won’t graduate this year and all that bollocks will only give me my third grey hair. I get those when stressed. I have only just discovered this. Maybe when i’m older i’ll have a grey streak of hair through my head, like Rogue from the X-Men. You know old as in…oh 25.

Me and Stephane want to go to Paris next weekend. Spur of the moment thing. Rob rang me from Barcelona yesterday and apparently Sonar was brilliant, and I’m thinking…why am i being so damn sensible. I want to be selfish and go out and do fun things, because thats what people my age do. So there. I’m going to turn into a brat from now on. Just you watch.



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Angela lives in the UK with her cat Leo. She enjoys reading, gardening and recreationally fighting elderly women.

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