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Mmmm… I just found a piece of onion peel on my bedroom floor. How odd… not quite sure how/why. But after today I realise that there are some things in life that are above questioning. Or below. Like the Liberal Party’s re-election. WHAT?! When I found out the results tonight I was at work, having a really shitty time because I was working with Mrs Cow Face who actually has a face more like Shreck’s girlfriend when she’s not a normal person than a cow. Or, that awful cook who shouts ‘Pepper! More pepper!!’ from Alice in Wonderland. And she has the disposition of a toad. She pretends she can never remember my name after having worked there 10 months. And whenever she does something wrong she makes it seem like its someone else’s fault. I really don’t like her. I felt like throwing a plate at her today. Not that it would be very helpful, it would probably just fall to pieces against her heart of stone. Anyway, I found out that, despite my one vote, the Liberal party got back in to power. And I was so upset, I couldn’t believe it. Actually, that’s a lie, I half expected them to win after watching all this stuff about it but I was disappointed none the less. And after having a little rant about my feelings on the issue, I realised that everyone else at my work had voted for them. So I wasn’t very popular. Stupid people…

Note:  This blog was written by Erin Wallis

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