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You’re my favourite thing about the West Coast

Hey, I am alive.

Quick update about shit that has happened in the last few weeks/months.

I have moved out of my parents house and bought a car. Thats right, I am not entirely on my own. I pay my own rent, car insurance, school fees, the whole shebang. It’s a little scary sometimes. I worry that I am going to get arrested and not be able to be bailed out, or go to the hospital and nobody be there, but I guess one has to fly from the nest sooner or later.

My band is playing again. We just played our first show in 5 months, and it was great. Had a huge singalong when we did our “Knowledge” cover. It was fun. A good 100 people were there. Awesome.

I have a girl who I have been seeing for more than a week for the first time in about a year. So thats cool. Her name is Ali, and she is significantly sexier than me.

Next week the ataris are playing a show at the santa barbara bowl with 311 and Lit. It should be fun. I have backstage through Kid (obviously). I have been joking with him everytime I see him that they should play “The Radio Still Sucks..” and for those who don’t know, the opening line is: “I’m so fucking sick, of Beck and 311”


Speaking of Kid, and the Ataris, Down on Haley closed last week. It was sad, they had to give away all their merch. So I now have every Ataris shirt ever made. So yeah, Down on Haley is no more.
Also, about a month ago Sugarcult played a show on a boat called the Condor Express. It was fun. It was very VIP deal, So I called Marco and he put me on the band list. I am not that into Sugarcult, but they are fun guys and it was cool getting wasted on a boat watching a band.

More rockstar news, when I went to the lostprophets show in LA, not only did I meet all the Lostprophets (AGAIN) I also met Billy, and the fat bass player (whatever the fuck his name is) from Good Charlotte. Billy was cool. We talked about AFI for like an hour.
I also met Tom Morello from Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave there, which was the first time I have been starstruck in a long time. I was a geeky fan boy for a while.

Looking forward to the Warped Tour this year. I should have backstage passes, so I get to meet everyone. Can’t wait to meet Bad Religion and NOFX, thats going to be the highlight of the day…and hitting on Agent M from Tsunami Bomb…heheh.

Oh, and the drummer from Godsmack came into the store today. Can’t remember his name, but he was very nice.

Well, I have another 2 hours at work, but its time for a cigarette now. I have slacked off long enough. Its nice being the assistant manager. Slacking off is essentially your job.

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