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Still Alive and Kicking

Good to see that spy-mag is back in tact and on behalf of the blog staff, we would like to say thanks to Jimmy T.

I was looking at the hit stats and we had 100,000 hits in the month of June. Holy shit thats a lot of people reading this crap. Now is it just me or who the hell reads this site as the entries on the forum and comment section dont really back this up.

Oddly enough over 2% of our visitors come by searching for “dirty sanchez”!! 2% of 100,000 is a lot of people.

Anyways, i now work for my dad’s business as its way cool. I can actually say i look forward to going to work everyday. Check out the website at here. I just answer phones, clean and put away planes, and talk to customers from around the world. Working at the airport is cool, plus theres hot women. The other day this corporate jet flew in and these dudes walked out as they visiting to play golf and stay in some expensive hotel. Wow!, now thats the power of money.

I want a corporate jet.

Next month im Holland bound, no turning back now. Paying for the ticket tomorrow hopefully.

Currently reading a book (yes i now read) called “rich dad, poor dad”, and its almost life changing to the way i think about money now. It basically shows you what decisions to make in order to be rich. I like books that teach you how to be rich as they dont teach you that shit in school.

Im rusty, i need to shower too.

Posted by Pat @ 02:20 PM AST [Link] [6 comments]

Replies: 6 comments

I was reading the staff page on your dad’s site:

“Chuck Ross
Very experienced Commercial Pilot and Instructor with 20 years of wheel, float and ski flying experience in the Canadian North on all types of bush aircraft, including the Beaver”

Hehe…bush aircraft. hehe…beaver.

Posted by Edo @ 07/12/2003 01:24 PM AST

Okay. I thought you were sitting in the planes and driving them and stuff. Then you could’ve changed your name to Plane Pat.

Posted by Edo @ 07/12/2003 09:28 AM AST

Well they are smaller 2 and 4 seater airplanes. Takes about 30 mins to clean one, they are a little bigger than an average car. And i get a small tractor and tow them to the hangars where i can then push them into.

Its not like 200 passenger boeings or anything.

Posted by Pat @ 07/12/2003 02:07 AM AST

i mean, you physically drive the airplanes when you ‘put them away’? and aren’t planes pretty damn big? how long does it take to clean one?

Posted by Edo @ 07/11/2003 06:09 PM AST

Err yeah…airplanes????

Posted by Pat @ 07/11/2003 10:44 AM AST

“clean and put away planes” ?!?!

Posted by Edo @ 07/11/2003 10:25 AM AST

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