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One last call for alcohol

Well St Patrick’s Day was spent in the James Joyce (quite an old irishy feel to it). Almost everyone from uni was in there, which made a change from old irish men. It was pretty good, there were some laaaydeees dancing some crazy river dance thing at one point. But then they finished and everyone went back to their pints of guiness and green hats.

The competition between the house parties on Friday is getting fierce. The boys have handed out flyers. Sneaky bastards. But it’s all just a pisstake really, everyone is going, and either way a good street party will come out of it. The neighbours will have a fit, because each house has a couple of sounds systems being set up. It’ll be like a mini Notting Hill carnival!! We were joking around about printing badges with “67 not 36” (house numbers) and i was like yeaaaah, but then they were like shut up you’re the go between. You have no sides to take. So i’m left out in the cold. Like a loser. C*nts.

Went shopping today. Always a good thing.

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