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The Weekend Report

What a quiet weekend it was at Spy Magazine. Nary a single post in the blog and the only activity to be seen was some puzzle games in Mr Shaper’s thread in the forum.

But I can tell you emphatically that it was quite a fruitful weekend for yours truly. I got the news that my girlfriend will be coming up to Melbourne in April for a few days along with seven of her friends. I’ve met one of them, Claudia, before. I’m not sure how I’ll get on with the others. One of them, Vinci, is an 18 year old Italian guy who likes wrestling. And there’s some Oriental guy called Gin. Ordinarily, it might seem strange to meet a guy whos named after a beverage but it doesn’t seem so quirky since I knew a guy in Brunei who was literally called Mr Beverage.

My boxes are due to arrive from Perth now so I won’t have to wear the same six shirts all the time now. Plus I’ll have my own tv, monitor and videogame console again. Terrific~!

Yesterday, for the first time in six years, Mike, Matt and myself started laying down the tracks for what will become the second ever Salt Monkeys album. We had another go at recording I Can See Clearly and boy did I suck big time. I mean, I screwed up the drumming no less than fifteen times and the version that made it on the final record was simply the first time I played the song the whole way through without messing up. Happily, Mike is a bit of a champion at polishing up the sound with his neat little recording studio so it doesn’t sound too shabby at all. I’ll get around to uploading the song at some stage today. We’re also going to redo some other Salt Monkeys favourites like I Don’t Care as well as cover some other band’s songs like that one song Ed Ross wrote about giving some poor guy on the bus in Bandar 5 dollars and a Mr T Experience song called Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba.

Dan is due to release his new album soon too. It should be quite the event since he is the #1 artist on these days.

I’m actually going to get around to doing some main page updates this week!

Wait, the mail man is here. Let me just get the mail.

…hehehe, another letter from Greenpeace. Mike and Erin tried to quit Greenpeace a little while ago and they keep sending letters demanding that they stay on and make a difference to our environment. Greenpeace scare the shit out of me. They’re like PETA and those other freaky deaky evil organisations.

It occured to me that I haven’t showered in about 36 hours. I think I’ll go have one now.

What did YOU do with your weekend, fellow Spy Magazine readers and writers?

…oh wait, we still don’t have a ‘Comments’ tag.

The Shower of Greyskull.

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