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A Rare Incursion into Kitsch-HTML Courtesy of Rod-do

This blog was taken from a week where The FAT Website staff were blogging as someone else.  This is Rod blogging as Edo.

[For those of you who don’t take the time to read the forum, well, work out what’s going on here for yourselves]

I am devasted cos some girl broke my heart. Never mind, I got sugardaddies and ore-whoa cookies man! Plus, I’m invited to the “Party for the New Millenium” in ten weeks, it will be ultra-nutra-swee-heat! Details scant, but the dude organising it is some anti-Indian 4 year old, and there’ll be disney cartoons, clowns, balloons, cake, and, hopefully, a magician, who looks suspiciously like the guy who fixes my dad’s car! Very chic, very camp, bursting with fruity flavour!

I got my dick stuck in the toaster this morning. I put honey on it and called the dog in… breakfast has never been more fun-tastic. Mega-supercool!

I’m off to the gym tomorrow, my workout regimen is really building up my muscles, I should have a pert little butt within three years if I go everyday and drink ten ampoules of Yakult a day… Yakult, now with ‘friendly’ bacteria. Numnumnum! Ain’t nothing like a creamy selection of microbial lovelies working their proud little flagella down into your guts, cleans out your colon reaaaaaalllllll good if you know what I mean… man, my ‘mom’ is stupid. She lost her keys the other day… I mean, jeez mom, are you going senile or what? I hate my parents, (and pat) but it’s okay because I have a deliciously sexxxy social life. Oh, I already mentioned that… still, any excuse to bang on about myself is good HTML, very camp and all that. I wish rod would stop harping on about those proper e/n sites, it detracts from my neatly laid out spandex-clad links to such gorgeously kitsch stinkers as Bangkingz… more like wankingz… well, there’s no need to pay that site out, no one does a better job at that than they do themselves.

I met an ugly girl today. She was ugly, you should have seen her. Heinous. Freaking messed up looking, dude, it was hilarious. Then I met some little kids, which gets on your nerves but I guess that’s one of the nuances of dj-ing toddler’s parties in the playground…

I’m off to warm my muffins by the fire… I can’t wait till i get to university to get ‘fag’ged by an older boy. Woohoo! I’m gonna chase you, you little teasers! *Spank* Oops, better talk about women or people will get the wrong idea…Give us a taste then, Kate…

[that’s enough… for more camp shenanigans, consult archives: Edo passim]

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