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Hey! Must be the money!

I‘m quite proud of myself, I got out of bed almost on time to make it to my lecture (although lots of kicking had to be done on Rob’s part) and i was only 10 minutes late. My sister and my mum are driving down in a few hours so that is also good. Also good is that today is money day, so i’m only overdrawn by 100 quid and not 500 now. Hah!

With this newfound money I’m thinking about going into town to buy stuff to make up for the lack of stuff i did not buy for Valentines. Although Luan did point out that Valentine’s is basically for girls anyway, but still i need to rid myself of this guilt. My sister is still asking me when i’m gonna come home and i still reply “i dunno” She has a new cat. It’s called Jack. Which has already been nicknamed Mr Jack. The old cat was nicknamed Mr Pablo, and yes his name was Pablo. Original eh?

Went to Junction on Sunday (stephane had to treat me) and I desparately want to work there. Actually anywhere. But Junction would be great, just one day a week. Yes. I have ambition. I sit here and think about jobs while Anna is out there now handing out CV’s to dozens of shops and companies. I shake my head at myself. I’ll go home later and listen to her stories about it, last time she told me this funny tale of how one lady in Carnaby Street just offered her a job because she really liked her aura. I want someone to like my aura! What does an aura look like?

Last night, i hung out at Luan’s as usual. We got an amazing car paddling pool from the Early Learning Centre. Well…our friend danny works there and he left it out back “accidently” and we just picked it up and ran away. Its filled with lots of mini balls at the moment. So we sat in it last night, eating chicken wings that i made, watching crap TV shows, buried by lots of mini balls. I made chicken wings in the oven but for some reason it smelt like cake, so i was heckled alot. But i just threw mini balls at their heads so they stopped. No one appreciates my cooking efforts!

I have too many homes. Whenever someone calls me and asks where i am, i go “at home” and they’re like “yeah which one”. There’s my flat where i pay rent, then there’s Luan’s where i make myself far too comfortable (last night i decided to wash my hair for no reason and they shouted at me that i did not live there and some people think i actually do live there) and then there’s Rob’s house, and then there’s my sister’s house for when i do actually bother to go home and then theres my mum’s flat. So really…i have too many homes. My keychain is a nightmare of keys for various addresses. I blame Brunei for not giving me a sense of settlement.

I wonder who reads the blog? I wonder if anyone from our old schools read this?

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Angela lives in the UK with her cat Leo. She enjoys reading, gardening and recreationally fighting elderly women.

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