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It Just Couldn’t Wait!

i have returned to the big city of Melbourne.

Today i had to go in search of a job… not the most ideal idea of fun, but i’ve gotta fund this trip somehow. I’m not to sure but i think i heard someone mutter the words “light labour” to me… does this mean i’ll be moving boxes of something? i will keep you posted as i investigate further.

On the coach down from Adelaide i sat infront of an 18 year old scotish guy who was traveling around as well… although i did feel sorry for him cause he was sitting next to some crazy old australian guy that seemed delighted that the guy was from Scotland… so much so that he was saying things on the lines of:

crazy man: your from scotland!
scot: um… yes
crazy man: thats great, did you see that episode of Lassie filmed near Edinburgh?
scot: no… please leave me alone crazy man.

Was it wrong that i was laughing at his misfortune?

You know what i never got around mentioning? The town where Erin lives is called “Belair”. how sweet is that?! No wonder i couldnt get that Will Smith song outta my head.

So i was watching the Superbowl on Monday and despite it actually being a really good match that wasnt what everyone was talking about afterwards. Seem like Justin is a bit of an attention seeker.

I believe that i have now fallen into deep Office depression… it is controlling my life! everytime someone says anything that vaguely sounds like a line from any of the episodes i crackup into quiet sniggering. You dont believe me? The day i got back from Adelaide, Mike made me watch the first series again and then we decided to record this.… I blame Jassa entirely.

Hope the song is as entertaining to listen as it was to record.

enjoy now.


Posted by Matt @ 10:27 AM AST [Link] [6 comments]

Replies: 6 comments

ummmm….. u smell like poo matt

Posted by Ben @ 02/11/2004 03:31 PM AST

So i found this on Bizzos:

Does her nipple have a little face on it?

Posted by Matt @ 02/05/2004 08:32 AM AST

haha that thing nwith janet and justin was SO planned! I didnt actually catch it (not a superbowl fan) but from peoples descriptions of it afterwards it was like….eh.

Posted by Faten @ 02/05/2004 07:54 AM AST

the Janet thing is pretty crazy aye? i recon its all part of a secret conspiracy to detroy ALL jacksons. but then again where is my proof? (HA!)

Posted by Matt @ 02/04/2004 08:22 PM AST

Oh, and I’d start a thread on the Janet Jackson thing but I don’t really know what to say about it. I think they’re overreacting a bit.

Posted by Edo @ 02/04/2004 12:42 PM AST

Does the house still suffer from INVASION OF THE MILLIPEDES?

Posted by Edo @ 02/04/2004 12:40 PM AST

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