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My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard


So it snowed lots. There were plenty of snowfights, lots of sliding on ice and soggy gloves. For one day only. It was great walking across the bridge at Kenton…well sliding down it on my shoes. We escaped to the pub round the corner for a while, and drank lots and warmed our hands around our…glasses of beer and malibu?? Anyway…

Today went into town with Rob. Did boring errands like “going to the bank” and ” going to the post office”. Exotic things like that. Crazy people flock to me. I’ve decided it’s a fact. While i was waiting around for Rob at the post office some crazy smelly greasy old lady was like, look after my bags and before i could say i didnt want to, she ran away! So i stood next to her stuff like the good samaritan that i am. When she came back she blinked at me with her beer goggle like glasses and asked if i had taken anything. Witch. While we were walking to the bank, we saw a couple of people beat boxing and dancing outside Burger King, so naturally we made fun of it. As we got closer we realised it was crazy Kensai and his fellow rudeboys…and they waved at us and were like “yo!”….this is Harrow, not Brooklyn New York!!!

Got food at Noodle City, and went to see Big Fish at the cinema. It was alrite. Ohh looking out the window i see the Soultrainers heading for the bar. Today is the official start of term. So there’s a massive thing going on at the bar. I’m meant to be there now but i am here instead. It’ll have to wait.
I have a run in my tights. C*nt!!

oh! Saw Pat yersterday. He came here to hang out, and we waited for haln an hour in the pouring rain waiting for a bus into town. It sucked, so we decided get the tube instead. But Pat mangages to jump on it before i can and so we get separated. So far, our hang out time was starting to look cursed. Eventually managed to make it to Noodle City and then after that the idea was to go to my uni bar and have a drink. But it was shut. ITS NEVER SHUT!!! our hang out time was definitely jinxed. Ended up in the James Joyce around the corner where we got kinda drunk and called up people we haven’t talked to in like five years. It was so random. But great fun.

I’m going to the bar now. I am going to get merry and happy and hopefully a little bit pissed.

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Angela lives in the UK with her cat Leo. She enjoys reading, gardening and recreationally fighting elderly women.

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