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If Everyone Looked The Same, We’d Get Tired Of Looking At One Another

“What you doing?”…”having a party”

BOO! So, i’ve had a pleasantly surprising week. Even though i’m coming down with yet another cold (i dont understand why i’m sick all the time here?!) I’m still in a good mood. Wont confess why just yet, as nothing is for sure. It’s annoying to realise that just last week i was at home hanging with my mama, being battered by waves at crocodile beach, eating cave man lamb chops, and now…i am back at uni where the most exotic thing i’ve come across is the shrimp fried rice at Jade Garden. I’m meeting Luan in a second to find cheap flights to Barcelona. A mini break is needed to get out of this place for a bit. Barcelooooooonaaa!!

I’m bored with coco pops. Lord help me.

Do bridesmaids have to make speeches at wedding receptions? I dont do public speaking, it’s just not in me. Had a meeting with the ‘professor’ today about my dissertation. He has a blinking problem. So it’s hard not to absent mindedly copy him, so i had to sit there for half an hour with my eyes almost watering so as not to offend him. I coughed alot, just to break the eye contact. Why me! Why doesn’t normal happen to me?!

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