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I think it clicked that I spend a LOT of time at Mcgee and Denise’s house when I asked Denise last night after watching a movie if she could give me a ride home. She said yes and took me to her house. I spent the morning with Mcgee in town and when I saw her off at the bus stop, she said ‘I’ll see you tonight’ without us having arranged to meet or anything. She just assumes I’ll be at her house.

I think I am being trained by Mcgee. Or moulded. I’m not sure what the word is. She leant me a whole bunch of New X-men comics. Then she gave me some Daredevil and The Invisibles. Then Planetary. And she is working towards lending me her hardcover 130 dollar rare copy of ‘Cages’. I have no idea what the hell it is. I just earn brownie points towards finally reading it by reading everything else she lends me.

When did Ren and Stimpy become gay? Check out this 1mb clip (right click, ‘Save target as…’) from the latest series. I think its kinda wrong. I mean, I grew up on Ren and Stimpy as a kid. It’s a KIDS show. I don’t mind if they’re implying their gay but outright sex talk is just out of line. Ren chastizing Stimpy because he thought he was going to fuck him in the ass is pretty surreal. Keep in mind this is a real clip from the show.

I have a real hankering for some Monty Python all of a sudden. Why is it not on DVD? The tv show I mean, not the movies. Time to bust out the VCR and head to Blockbuster I guess.

I’m confirmed for heading to Brunei July 2nd for 10 days.

2 days to Harry Potter!

I was interested to read that the phenoma of 1 Shit Film Project Per Screening is not limited to just Curtin University as both Jassa and Angela have experience similar occurences. Now that I think about it, Glitter was screened at the Canne film festival last year. I guess its pretty universal.

Anyone heard from Sam?

I’m out.

Posted by Edo @ 08:26 PM AST [Link] [1 Comment]

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Ren and Stimpy is supposed to be a adult themed cartoon. It is part of TNN’s attempt to be the only network for men. Among others is this Rat cartoon with Kelsey Gramer (spelling?) and this stripper cartoon with pamela anderson.

Posted by Pat @ 06/21/2003 07:53 AM AST

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