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This is a time of change. Only good things will come.

This has been a big week for me. I’ve bought a new car which I am slowly and hazardously learning to drive, I’ve done my first cementing job (they say I’m a natural), I’ve decided to join the Navy, I’m learning to home brew beer and last night I experienced organic pizza. Free-range Duck and Shitake Mushroom pizza no less. With organic lemonade on the side. And just to add that final touch, that sense of security that what you were about to eat was in fact very organic, they had hundreds of hessian sacks with ‘ORGANIC FLOUR’ written boldly and unmistakeably on the front, as you walked in the door. Now, I think all this organicness is great but doesn’t it make you think that by the time they actually serve you this flour which is patiently sitting there whilst being admired by all who walk by, wouldn’t it be mouldy and rat eaten?

This morning I took my car out on to the big streets of Adelaide. I didn’t stall once which I thought was pretty special but I am quickly mastering the art of bunny hopping, panic-stricken, down a main road after an intersection. I went to drop my resume in to a few places and although no one offered me any jobs I went home happy because I got the nicest rejection yet ‘Sorry, there’s nothing available, but you seem very nice!’ I guess she saw that my confidence was down.

I don’t think anyone is ever going to give me a job. And it’s getting critical because the $50 note that my grandma gave me for Christmas is quickly running out. Last night I went for an interview at an Indian Restaurant where, story has it, Illegal Indian Immigrants are forced to cook by day and then are locked up in the basement at night. So hopefully I’ll get a job there… The owner said she wasn’t sure because I was under 18 and wouldn’t be able to serve alcohol but from the sounds of it she doesn’t have much respect for the law, or human rights for that matter, so I don’t really know what she has a problem with.

I have to go up to the shop now in my new car (!) because I broke the globe for my Dad’s home brew, which I was helping him bottle. I hope it turns out ok because I was the sugar master so it’s all down to me…

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