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Edo and the Little English Seamstress

Finally got out the house last night to catch up with Mcgee. We’d barely hung out in ages which is quite weird since we literally were living together for a while there during the holidays.

I called up on Tuesday and asked her out to movies. She said she was busy until NEXT Tuesday. Then, after some deliberation, she said ‘fuck it’ and decided to ignore her mounting workload and come out on Wednesday night.

We went to see Balzac and the Little Seamstress. It was okay, but had a pretty odd conclusion. The film is filled with lots of clever Chinese proverbs but finishes with the crappest proverb I’ve ever heard. Review forth-coming.

Afterwards we went for some drinks and caught up. It was nice. Mcgee told me she is booked to go on holiday on the 18th of November. She told me she was going to tie me up (!) so I won’t run away from Perth while she is gone.

I’m pretty torn still trying to work out what I do next year. Melbourne, Perth, travelling with Matt…it all sounds so good.

From a recent conversation with Polly:

Polly: I’m breaking out. Pimples!
Edo: Why? Stress?
Polly: I ate 40 dollars worth of chocolate in 3 days.
Edo: Holy shit.

That’s quite an achievement. I’m still trying to do the maths on how much chocolate that actually is. But we’re looking at SEVERAL kilograms there.

Man, playing checkers on MSN6 is terrific. Don’t believe anythin you read. I am the best ever at checkers.

Posted by Edo @ 11:27 AM AST [Link] [2 comments]

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Polly > the fattening power of chocolate.

Posted by Edo @ 09/17/2003 10:21 AM AST

man. i eat ONE chocolate bar and the next day my belly flops out. i dont really break out. But no fair, to eat a bucketload of chocolate and not put on an ounce. jealous. very jealous.

Posted by angela @ 09/16/2003 03:34 PM AST

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