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Dan’s 21st Birthday Party Recap

I was a little late getting there as my transportation fell through at the last minute which meant I had to take a cab there (grumble grumble..).

When I got to the house, the first thing I noticed was that there was a shitload of people there and I knew almost none of them. Although eventually I picked out a few familiar faces. But Dan has like sixty friends or something. Popular bastard.

I eventually managed to find Dan sitting by a pool talking to some girl. Passed on my best wishes and stuff. Then I saw Sophie. She seems way skinnier than I remember. And she seems elated to be out of Brunei.

We did the chat about Brunei thing and it is really apparent how glad she is to get out of there. She didn’t have many kind words to say about the place. She told me she almost got married. Crazy.

I met a girl there called Peta who was going to the Smackdown show tomorrow so we talked for ages about wrestling and I’m thrilled to hear her use the terms ‘job’, ‘angle’ and ‘five moves of doom’. Nerdy wrestling goodness.

After that I talked to her boyfriend Ryan who reminds me of Pleasant Dan Rose. He was just a nice dude all round and listened politely to my stories.

Everyone gathered round for a toast to Dan at 11ish. We didn’t get to hear any embarassing stories so instead we got an appraisal of his character and how funny, charming and witty he is. I know a certain Scottish girl who spends a lot of time online who would agree.

Dan gave an awesome speech. I dunno if he planned it or not but he said some nice lines like ‘You’re all here today because you are the people most significant in my life *shifts eyes*….for now’.

After that we had some caaaaaake.

I wasn’t really feeling up for another cab ride home so I got a lift off Ryan and Peta who went a million miles out of their way to drop me off. I was grateful.

I’ll let Dan fill in the blanks for the rest of the party.

All in all, a good night~!

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Smackdown! … ass. i am SO jealous.

i’ll just have to make you tap on wednesday. 😀


Posted by Matt @ 12/06/2003 05:13 PM AST

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