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Recap of my party

Got up today at around 2:30 in the afternoon after having slept for the past fourteen hours or so. Having spent the past couple of days shifting furniture, going out and shopping for stuff for my party tired me out somewhat and I needed the sleep.

Last night’s party was pretty decent. There were quite a few people who couldn’t show up due to other engagements, but the turnout was good enough.

Damien shows up early. I introduce him to Sophie. First thing they do is go out to smoke in the pool area, and instantly click. Typical social smoking bond. Sophie’s friend Ross came over as well with two of his friends, and the smoking group commandeers the outdoor pool area drinking Canadian Club and wearing furry Canadian lumberjack hats. Fiona was the first to utilise the pool. Edo arrived while I was chatting to Deb while Fiona swam.

NO ONE made use of the music/rave room. At least, not until later when the firedancing crew arrived with glowsticks and fire staffs at around 10:30. Around 11pm, people washed the kerosene from their hands in time for the cake ceremony. I had to give an impromptu speech of which I can’t remember anything I said.

Turned up the music after the speech and people came in to bounce to hard house and trance. This went on for about an hour before I turned the music down when the last person collapsed in sweat-drenched exhaustion and put on the traditional mellow playlist for the party to wind down. Around midnight, the fire extinguisher was emptied onto the pool (having been previously set up in case the firedancers set the garden on fire). It made for a rather spectacular swamp-fog effect.

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