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Goggle Eyes

Have you ever spent so long sitting in front of a computer that your eyes feel like they’re more a part of the screen than they are your head and you are completly unaware of the rest of your body and you can imagine that your legs strech all the way out the window and your stomach is like five metres away and you lose all senses of hunger, bowel movement etc..? Asi me paso hoy. I’ve been burning cumbia, merengue and salsa CD’s all afternoon. Ten discs in one day. Guess what we’ll be dancing to at my party!! Hehehe… I am introducing Salsa to my world.

I didn’t go to San Jose with my brother because my sister had to go in to University. But I don’t mind because it gives me more time to do stuff around my pueblo. I cleaned up my shelves and threw out all my exams. The marks range from a whopping 100% (english) right down until 4%….. and when I say range, it’s more like a high bit and then a sudden fall which leaves you without any hope.

I also helped picked out the colours to paint the kitchen. The painters came over at about 9am and I was still in my pj’s and one of the guys was at the school where I went and he used to follow me around. So a strange start to the morning having him come over. Now he knows where I live which scares me a little bit.

I have just been informed that next year I’m going to be in the SHIP class when I go back to school. SHIP is a Glenunga International High School term for something which I have forgotten in this exact moment but it means the really smart people who go from grade 8 to grade 10 and become chemical engineers and physicians and profesional genius’. Now don’t get me wrong, they didn’t put me in this class because I fall under this catagory, it’s because it’s the smallest class and therefore has space. So what this goes to say is that not only will I be the oldest student in the class (and by 2 years!) but I will also be the dumbest. Coolness! But I speak Spanish to that makes me good. And maybe they will be intimidated by me and I can force them to do my homework.

I’m going to go home now because of the unnatural bodily disorder that I explained earlier. Goodnight.

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No mambo cd’s? Mambo’s my favourite street latin dance of the three.

Posted by Dan @ 12/05/2003 11:42 AM AST

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