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Back In The Game

I’m making my way back in to the cyber world, how exciting!! I imagine this is how Keanu Reeves felt when they asked him to come back for the Matrix 2 and 3…

For those of you who don’t know me (and I won’t flatter myself here – probably of the majority of you) I think a brief introduction is in order. As will probably say at the top of my update, I’m Erin. I’m the ONLY real Australian here, everyone else just wants to be (ie. Edo, Mike, Dan…) I also lived in Brunei back in the day and at this very moment I am in Costa Rica.

Daniel Flores, Pérez Zeledón
Barrio Loma Verde
100 Sur, 50 Este del templo Católico
San José

(For those of you who wanted to send me a christmas card but had forgotten the darn address…) I know it’s hard to believe but letters actually arrive here!!

My debut was way back in the year 2001 on thefatwebsite after Lisa’s 17th birthday party when a rather contravertial photo was taken. I was later bribed and bought by FWUK (which promptly died an embarrassing death) and then spent a short while writing for a kinky pink girl website that had something to do with rabbits. My final stint was on Edo’s big brother last year where I think I won by defult as I was the only contestant who updated. It’s a great feeling to win by defult.

So anyway, here I am, San Isidro, Costa Rica. I’ve been here a little over 9 months now. I know, that’s enough time for my parents to have sent me away to have a baby to prevent disgracing the family name however, while this is an interesting story, it is not true.

I’m actually here as an exchange student. I now have a lot of compassion for the poor japanise kids who sit alone at lunch time because no one can be bothered talking to them. I will never not talk to them again. I have lived this experience. Seriously though, it’s been a fantastic year. Without being too corney, I´ve learnt a lot, about being poor, about love, about myself and my own values, about the most important things in life. About mamones! Mamones are Rambutants, the little red hairy fruit which are a pain in the bottom to get open and then there is only like 3mm of fruit that covers a big fat seed.

I’ve seen turtles and sloths and monkeys. Ive been to Guanacaste and Montezuma, the other day I went white water rafting and was left with pains in muscles that i never even knew existed and this week I’m going to climb Mount Chirripó, a mountain that makes KK look like an ants nest… a little bit daunting considering i almost DIED when I went up Kota Kinablu with my Dad three years ago).

I’ve learnt Spanish!! Sí, ahora yo hablo puramente como una Tica. So you have to excuse me if some of my posts remind you of Abu from the Simpsons. I often say things like, ‘when I went to the house of Emma’… I get confused.

I’ve made some awesome friends, I’ve been hit on by guys from many different countries, I’ve had a short but firey love affair with an unfaithful Latino, I’ve grown a fondness for Rice and Beans – lucky as we eat it EVERY day. I have an awesome family, where my sister is like a real sister, my mum is my best friend here and my dad actually yells at my mum to ‘get in to the kitchen and make me some eggs’… This novelty does wear off after a while however.

Now, with only 6 weeks to go, I’m walking the fine line between trying to go everywhere and see everything and spending time with the people who are important to me. Lack of funding is presenting it’s self as a small obsticle (is that even how you spell obsitcle??) so I think we might be leaning more towards the ‘spending time with the people who are important to me’… I’m back in Australia on the 1st of January which is going to be weird but good. And then next year I am back at school… whoo hoo..

I will leave it as that…. Until next time,
Thankyou (pause, 2, 3..) and goodnight.

Posted by Erin @ 08:29 AM AST [Link] [10 comments]

Replies: 10 comments

That’s interesting coz i never did girl guides!! Oli, come down for my birthday! Jazza… camping would be cool, i arrive back on the 1st, we have to go before i start school.

Posted by Erin @ 11/15/2003 05:49 AM AST

Hey Erin!
ahah, you probabaly dont’ remember me either, but i knew you from brownies and girl guides i think 🙂 nie to see you’re back onthe blog scene, take care 🙂

Posted by Zara @ 11/13/2003 11:05 PM AST

OMG Erin?! lol. Remember me? Faten.. the one who sat behind you in math class with Selina heh heh. That was like way back in what…year 9? Maybe 10… ah whatever. I cant remember that far back too clearly haha.

Posted by Faten @ 11/13/2003 06:41 PM AST

pat’s like our resident exchange person. he just wants to be greedy.

Posted by angela @ 11/13/2003 12:20 AM AST

Nice update….must say that.

Costa Rica…what a random place to do an

Posted by Pat @ 11/12/2003 08:13 PM AST

me and edo(?) are looking to be in SA sometime next year… round bout march (i think)


Posted by Matt @ 11/12/2003 07:17 PM AST

Think I may have to come down to S.A again Jas – by the way thanks for the tx, I have no credit..

Posted by Oli @ 11/12/2003 05:35 PM AST

we should get a bunch of people and camp at the beach again when you get back to adelaide. that’d be rad.

Posted by jassa @ 11/12/2003 04:15 PM AST

Nice to have you back Erin.

Posted by Edo @ 11/12/2003 01:53 PM AST

MAKE ME EGGS WOMAN!! (i lub it!)


Posted by Matt @ 11/12/2003 09:19 AM AST

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