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Stupid Lady

Stupid library lady made me turn my phone off and not silent. She should have kicked out the stinky dreadlocked girl behind me instead, it’s a worthier cause.

Its nice to look here and see how far we’ve all come from wee little Brunei. Ok, so majority are in Australia, but whatever it’s cool to think we all started in Brunei the ultimate “where the hell is that” kind of country, and are now all residing in exotic locations like Costa Rica, Holland, Australia and….Harrow.

Yesterday, my university wouldn’t let me in. My swipe card wouldn’t work, the stupid security man wouldn’t let me through, made me go ALL the way round to reception and when i got there i had to argue with them to let me in. And the undergraduate office was shut all day so i couldnt get a new card. So after all this hassle, i decided not to bother with set design that day. I went to the bar with Owen and Doran instead. I found out Doran’s parents used to be hippies or something and his full name is Doran Jet Black. Its times like these i’m thankful my parents were too lazy to give me a middle name.

So last night we went out for my friend Mike’s birthday. He kept it simple and we stuck to the local pubs in town. Starting off in the beloved Junction. Which of course, we ended up not leaving. Anyway it was good to get out and razzled again. There was loads of us, so again that was good. I miss going out in a massive group. It always equals more mischief. We walked home, talked our way into the pub next door to us to get cigarettes and ate ice cream in front of the telly. Well, i watched Mikey eat a whole tub of it. I thought i was going to be sick. Honestly, where does the boy put it, his belly doesn’t even pop out.

I just noticed that from where i’m sitting i can see the tube station. Cool.

Anyway, so yesterday was Rememberence Day. Now there’s one thing i dont like about this day. For like a week before old men park themselves outside shopping malls and stations, with their poppies and collecting tins and you just can’t ignore them. I feel so so so bad if i walk past without popping a pound in their tins. So for this week before, i spend about 10 pounds because i feel sorry for these little old men that fought hard for their country that now doesnt give a toss about them. I have like ten poppies in my room right now. And on the actual day i forgot to wear mine. And i felt bad, because all these middle aged people and yuppies would give disapproving looks. And i’m like…”no!!! i’ve been fully supportive and sympathetic!!” doh.

Spent an hour having a text conversation with Rob yesterday. He started it. Go figure.

These group of guys that are friends with Kensai (rob’s housemate) keep calling me the netball captain. I’m not sure why since 1) i’m not on the team and i hate netball 2) i look nothiong like the actual netball captain. Everytime they see me, they smile and shout over to me in a chris mcdermott kind of way and are like “netball captaaaaaain!!!!”. They dont listen to me when i try explain i’m not. Its kind of sweet, but still hell annoying.

Posted by Angela @ 12:46 AM AST [Link] [3 comments]

Replies: 3 comments

it’s not locked up like a prison. you have swipe cards and u go thru this barricade, and wahey ure in! and the security men are all over 60 anyway, so i dont see the point in them being there.


Posted by angela @ 11/14/2003 01:19 AM AST

Netball captian!! that is awesome!

btw, what did you have for dinner? 😀


Posted by Matt @ 11/13/2003 07:17 PM AST

Your whole campus is locked up and you need a swipe card to get in?!

That ‘netball captain’ thing sounds bizarre.

Posted by Edo @ 11/13/2003 10:55 AM AST

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