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Funny Headspace

I’m feeling a bit funny these days.

Maybe it’s all this talking to people from Brunei. Catching up with Kate and Matt made me wish I could see both of them right now. I had conditioned myself not to think about how little I get to see them since its kinda depressing (Matt: once a year, Kate: never).

Then there’s the schoolwork.

Three of my classes are so attrociously easy I feel embarassed sitting in class. This week: In PR class, I had to explain that ‘Fischer and Paykel’ is the name of a company that makes dishwashers and stuff to a particularly ignorant girl in my class. She was confused and I had to spend five minutes explaining to her that its not a ‘fish-washing device’. In Marketing 100, the tutor asked the class what phonetic spelling is. Two people put their hands up and got it wrong. She then spent twenty minutes giving examples of phonetic spelling like it is a difficult concept to grasp. It was beyond depressing. Then there’s Interactive Screenwriting in which the core of the classtime is spent discussing videogames. Only no one in my class plays videogames. How weird is that? In a class of 20, I’m the only one who plays *any* form of videogames. So the classes are pretty much me and the tutor talking about the Historical Importance of Myst and everyone else staying absolutely silent.

And then there’s Internet Interactivity Design in which I am so disinterested I haven’t gone to a single class or lecture and now I’m fucked because something is due in two weeks and I don’t really know what it is.

What makes it all worse is that everyone else has really interesting, fun or challenging classes and I miss out on all those conversations. Smelly.


I went to Melissa’s birthday on Friday night. That was actually pretty nice. We just sat around and talked. I spent most of the time with the birthday girl. Good stuff. I felt a little funny though so I disappeared by midnight.

I have all of next week off for holidays. Only I’m flat fucking broke. Nice timing.

I’ve actually got money on the way…eventually. Remember the corporate video I had to make for the police/railway people? They asked me to make 5 minutes of music for it because they’re too cheap to pay for copyright. So I had 2 days in which to put an original score in to my video. I have no idea how to make music at all. So I got a copy of Acid, which is like music software for the musically challenged, and made some tunes with that. They gave me and Sarah 300 bucks for it. Neat-o. The irony of making a video for free only to get paid for making the shitty music for it is not lost on me. Maybe I should switch degrees and get in to the music biz.

Today I’m going to watch six hours of football and then maybe a movie. With minimal movement.

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Replies: 2 comments

Yeah thats quite true. It should pick up soon. The lecturer is bringing a game developer to talk to us and stuff.

Posted by Edo @ 08/25/2003 12:35 PM AST

Interactive Screenwriting sounds like a damn cool class. Just needs the right people in it.

Posted by Dan @ 08/25/2003 11:58 AM AST

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