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Positive Positive

you know i have come to realise that maybe brunei isnt THAT bad… how do i figure?

Well to start with the obvious reasons such as cheap alcohol and amazing chicken wings (at the border), as well as the brillient DVDs that we get. i mean i’ve seen ‘the extraordinary League of Gentleman, S.W.A.T, Tomb Radier II, Finding Nemo and Bad Boys 2… before they’ve hit the cinemas in england… this makes me giggle like a school boy. Also brunei offers me a very fast 24hr connection… this i use to great effect to download many exciting things for which i used to use my imagination for, but thanks to brunei i am happy as pie. Life is cheap, everything is nearby, i am on holiday which makes it even better! … you see, i’m thinking positive!

The other day i was reading in the paper about how a woman killed her husband by grabbing and twisting his nuts whilst they were fighting!! jesus! can you imagine the pain! … hows that for proof to all women that think we over-exaggerate when we get hit in the nuts.

I’m going to leave you with a secret that you must keep quiet *places finger to lips*… go download ‘All thats left’ by Thrice… best song ever.


Posted by Matt @ 07:58 PM AST [Link] [7 comments]

Replies: 7 comments

someone should make that kiss gif their forum avatar

Posted by Dan @ 09/02/2003 05:47 PM AST

Chris… the world doesnt revolve around you dude… i was talking in general.


Posted by Matt @ 09/02/2003 10:59 AM AST

i hated xxx and fast and the furious Xcept for the rammstein bit at the start of XXX that was cool

Posted by chris @ 09/01/2003 05:02 PM AST

there both pretty poo… too much action pretty pooey acting. but they again some people think XXX and the fast and the furious were good movies.

Posted by Matt @ 09/01/2003 03:56 PM AST


Posted by chris @ 08/31/2003 11:00 PM AST

not there good, ummm matt either don’t take the dvd’s back or hide them well, cos i friend of a friends got all of his electronic equipment either confiscated or “serilised” by the english customs people

Posted by chris @ 08/31/2003 11:00 PM AST

Are Tomb Raider and Bad Boys as horrible as I have been lead to believe?

Posted by Edo @ 08/31/2003 09:01 PM AST

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