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5 Second Review: Grizzly Bear “Veckatimest”

I’ve honestly been holding off from writing this review simply because I don’t really understand what I am listening to. Grizzly Bear was recommended to me by an elite hipster friend and not wanting to be the only scenester at the party not drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon, I promptly ordered it on Amazon.

Here’s the thing, its hardly pop music but it’s remarkably accessible. It’s a real onion of an album, with layer upon unexpected layer to be discovered on repeated listens.
From the bouncy jazz number in the album opener “Southern Point” to the most radio friendly of the bunch “Two Weeks” and the atmospheric “Ready, Able” the vocals soar over multi-instrumental indie pop.
Unexpected instruments (toms, kettle drums, woodwind) drift in and out of “All we ask” with melancholic vocals providing the backdrop before lifting out of the darkness with a positively marching band beat.

Overall a real exploration in music, both as an album, and personally. I have no shame in admitting I like pop music and this was a real challenge for me at times. But I’m glad I took it upon myself, because it was well worth the rewards.

Recommended If You Like: Animal Collective, Radiohead, Being An Elitist Hipster.

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Sam currently lives in St. Thomas in the Caribbean where he drinks too much rum and is conveniently ignoring becoming an adult.


  1. Jeff Green approves of this record!

    i preferred Panda Bear’s “Person Pitch” more um…personally.

    anyone else get a total Furry vibe from the Animal Collective? just saying.

  2. Lol, I was going to say the same thing. I have only heard of this album because a man in his forties mentioned it.

    I think I’ll check it out. I like the idea of being a hipster.

  3. you can’t be a hipster edo. you’re too asian. sorry.

  4. there you go Edo.

  5. Jesus, I think Mike ticks five of the boxes in Hipster Bingo 0_o

  6. more like hipsters tick 5 boxes in EVERYBODY WANNA BE LIKE MIKE IS AWESOME bingo. amirite?

  7. i wanna be, i wanna be, i wanna be like Mike…

    (I dont wanna be like Mike, but i couldnt remember what film that was from)

  8. Also, I got a chance to listen to this album and its pretty awesome.

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