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A $2,000 Question

Drank a litre of cranberry juice today.

I have a *hypothetical* moral question for you today: If you were given the opportunity to STEAL two thousand dollars, would you do it? Lets say the person you’d take the money from is kind of an asshole. Not a baby-killing asshole, but has a nasty disposition and a bit of a dickwad-asshole who wouldn’t really need the money. And chances are greater than not, that you’d get away with the whole thing scott free and if someone did catch you, they couldn’t prove it. No real reason I’m asking this. I’m just…y’know, checking is all.

I got something in the mail today. THREE CDs from Mike! You’ll see a review of one of them up soon. But before that, I have to get around to posting some stuff from Sam too.

I get to weigh myself again tomorrow. We shall see if the Giant Mega Mass 5000 is doing its job or if last weeks weight fluctuation was a fluke. If I gain another 1.5kg I will be at 69kg, one short of my short term!

Interesting story from boxing yesterday. I came across a phenomena that I previously not been privvy to. It is the Really Muscly Weakling. He was a new guy. About six foot five. Huge stacked build. And he had massive biceps. Twice the size of my arms. …And yet he was weaker than I was! In the ring, he punched like a complete wuss. I partnered this guy for an exercise where you lie with your feet touching the other persons feet and you do situps and toss a small 5kg ball back and forth. He could barely throw the ball at me when he did his situp. I eventually had to just take it from him since he was more of less dropping the ball at my ankles. He was seriously unfit and couldn’t even do any short bursts of physical strength. And yet this guy has a really impressive physique. Weird. Maybe he took steroids a lot but never exercised a day in his life or something.

Schoolwork is running wild and eating in to my weekend. I am busy at uni virtually all of Friday and on Saturday I have to do shoots in the morning and afternoon. And I have an Internet Design assignment due soon too.

That new ipod sure looks sweet. Someone buy me one now!

Next Friday I get my money in. Time to play catch-up with some comics methinks. The Rey Mysterio DVD is out around then too. Mmm…Masked Mexican goodness.

Pasta for dinner. And frankfurters. And wedges. And some eggs. That’s whats left in the fridge and freezer.

Posted by Edo @ 11:02 PM AST [Link] [3 comments]

Replies: 3 comments

you know i was wondering why we never had bacon at your house in the morning… only porridge.

mmm… bad

Posted by Matt @ 05/23/2003 09:44 PM AST

Ate all the bacon. But I bought some more just now.

Posted by Edo @ 05/23/2003 12:31 PM AST

what, no bacon?

and yes, if i could get away with nicking $2000 from someone who was nasty then i don’t think i’d have a problem with it. does that make me a bad person?

Posted by mike @ 05/23/2003 02:03 AM AST

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