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Festival Fever

hey chickens.

Well, last i left you guys, i was abou to go away to the V Festival. I think i’ll write a review or article or whatever on it later, when i have photos developed, but for now i’ll just give a little gleeful list of who i saw over the weekend. I arrived on Friday afternoon, a day early just to get all our camping shit together and all. And to get decent camp site, two days of hot weather does not go down well with yummy portaloos. Anyway, i was so tried by nightfall that i fell asleep straight away and m mate Duncan went out and got pissed with Kate Moss in the Strongbow tent. Man…trust me to miss out. Saturday afternnon was awesome (i dont normally say that so it must have been) the first band i saw was some unknon chick band called Einsley. I wasnt very impressed. Anyway Reel Big Fish came on after them and i was like a kid on a candy store…they just made me so jumpy and giggly. Like sugar. They only played for half an hour and then The Cardigans came on. I was majorly impressed. Nina is so fit. But i really enjoyed their set, even though i wouldnt say i was a huge Cardigans fan or anything. After them was The Hives. By now i was up at the front and as soon as those dudes came on i got crushed. It was fun. Then i had to bail to the other arena to check out Athlete. After that, we went to see the Foo Fighters who were awesome. Dave GRohl is the funniest dude. And then after them was Coldplay. I nearly wet myself when Chris Martin came on. I love Coldplay to death. Then we had to leg it to the NME arena again to catch the last of Feeder, who were good. But i felt sorry for them because nearly everyone had gone to see Coldplay at the V Stage, so the crowd there wasnt very impressive.

Sunday wasnt as hectic as Saturday. I went to the V Stage to see Skin perform, just as Tom McCrae was finishing his set up, i see my friends Robin and Stuart heading towards the VIP arena, so i went running to see the,m. It wasnt til later that i realised i hadnt showered since Friday so maybe giving them a huge bear hug wast a great idea. Anyway, Skin is good. She epitomises cool. I went back to the NME arena to see Spearhead perform. And then i was just too knackered and hot and tired to want to stay an extra night so i persuaded Duncan to pack up our things to leave that night. I refused to use the portaloos again as well, this is where Super Bladder comes in handy. Anyway by the time we packed and lugged all our gear back to the car, David Gray was on. He was good too. Him and his entire band have wobbly heads. THey shold rename themselves, David GRay and the Wobblies. Queens of the Stone Age come on, and they were alrite. Josh was a bit fucked up. SKin came to to see them too. Cool, i tell ya. And then the Red Hot Chili Peppers came on, and they were fukkin brilliant. I was up front by then again, and i got a bit crushed but it was good. Flea was wearing a skeleton outfit. And then i went home. Sunburnt and most likely pretty smelly.

I got the flu a couple of days after so i’ve been at my sister’s house all week getting osme rest and luxury. She lives in a pretty house in a pretty neighbouhood. I got back to the beatiful ghetto that is Harrow yesterday, and Rob came back too. He was meant to show up at 7, but didnt. Then it dawned on me that Barry would have dragged him to the pub on the way home, cuz thats when he finished work. And i was right. So by the time 11pm rocks up, the pair of them come tumbling through the front door, wasted. After two months apart, you’d think you’d get a better welcome than that. *clap* *clap* ten points guys.

Pat gets here on Thursday. I’m gonna get him blindlingly drunk at Junction. Heh.

Posted by Angela @ 08:17 PM AST [Link] [2 comments]

Replies: 2 comments

heh heh.. me too!

dam lucky Pat. i want to go drinking in england again… i miss it after only a week!


Posted by Matt @ 08/26/2003 02:41 PM AST

…yeah I think you had a more exciting weekend than I did.

Posted by Edo @ 08/25/2003 10:15 PM AST

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