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Jizzay Hey

big up ya chess.

I’m back in the wonderful ghetto that is Kenton. It’s stinking hot. It doesnt feel right, that i should be lying under a window in my flat trying to catch some breeze to cool off, in England? Its insane! I got back on Thursday. The taxi that i got my friends to pick me up from the airport was this mad irish guy. He became very nice to me after i asked if it was alright if i smoked in the car. Smokers of the world unite. It brings friendship every where you go.

Yesterday me, Mikie, Owen, Stephane and Tom went to Hyde Park. We went to check out the flying machines contest thing where mad idiots throw themselves off the pier in desperation that the machines they’ve made would fly. All of them flopped into the water. It crazy what sun does to British people. Even if they’re burnt as fuck, they refuse to stay out of the sun. “Oooh, give us another pint!”
We walked for ages after that just meandering around the city. We walked down Park Lane all the way to Oxford Circus…before deciding to stop in a bar to grab a drink in an old place called the Blue Posts. Some crazy old man there told us it served the best food in the West End. It didnt impress me much. Crazy old man…..

I left Brunei early, and alot of people keep asking me why i bothered to come back here so soon. Uni doesnt start for a good 2 months more. But it was time to go. I didnt want to, but i figured the sooner i left the easier it would be to say good bye to some special people.

I miss the kutu malam times.

Sad face on.

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Angela lives in the UK with her cat Leo. She enjoys reading, gardening and recreationally fighting elderly women.

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