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Capture the moment

ok boys and girls. not to detract from edo’s heart-felt and touching post below, but it’s time. “for what?” i hear you ask. for a sample of the upcoming soon to be very shortly in the near future released full-length CD by none other than your friend and mine -JASSA (avid frequenter of the spy-magazine forum and blog comment system). yup that’s right. you can now sample 3 songs from his first solo album (where he plays every fucking instrument) entitled “Capture the Moment” by following this pretty link.

so go on and have a listen. and please leave some feedback. and if you like what you hear then get in contact and, hot-damn, we’ll hook you up with a shiny CD all of your own, courtesy of you friendly neighborhood MiLk pLuS Records.

jassa has also created a website to further provide information on all his musical stylings.

Posted by Mike @ 10:27 PM AST [Link] [4 comments]

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Posted by Edo @ 04/29/2003 08:43 AM AST

that’s not too far from the truth edo!

Posted by mike @ 04/29/2003 07:44 AM AST

i have a mental image of jassa performing live doing a one man band thing with a drum on his back, a harmonica strapped to his mouth and a banjo.

Posted by Edo @ 04/29/2003 01:41 AM AST

jassa, don’t say i never promote your ass!

Posted by Mike @ 04/28/2003 10:49 PM AST

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