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been a while since i wrote here. i never really have anything much to say anyways. just stuff about comic books. bah. Erin and I are moving house for the 3rd time in the one year we’ve been in melbourne. this time it’s not so far. just the next suburb up. Coburg. we’ve got this sweet 3 bedroom house with a shop front. how awesome is that? it’s got a great big room, which i’m going to use as a studio. and the front room/shop which erin shall use for her print studio. and best of all it’s nice and cheap. and roomy. those of you who have seen the apartment we live in at the moment will know we have way to much stuff than we know what to do with. we are happy. and will be moving there in the next two weeks. now we just have to tell our current landlord!

i bought a 28 channel mixer and a 16 channel stage box the other week. in a further attempt to ramp up my efforts to get some kind of demo quality studio happeneing. at this rate everything should be ready to go by the end of this/begining of the next year. and then i can finally quit my shitty fucking job. shouldn’t complain. the money’s good at least. and it helps fund my comic (read:crack) habit.

Jassa is coming to melbourne for a couple of weeks in september. and we’re going to go see the Ataris. that will be fun. i’m not a big fan. but i enjoyed their show when i saw them play in europe. so i’m sure it’ll be good now that i know a few songs. we’ll probably accost Kris Roe and force him back to my place to produce a few tracks. or at least do some backing vocals (jassa’s idea). speaking of which. edo. are you gonna put up that review of Capture the Moment or not?

much to erin’s annoyment i’ve been playing Battlefield 1942 for the last half of the week (as we were given the weekend off from work due to a data shortage). I normally don’t enjoy first person shooters. and being the sissy that i am they sometimes give me headaches. but this game fucking rocks. it’s very realistic and unbelievably fun. and the multiplayer games over the net are action packed. and it’s not too shonky with my useless 56k modem. that and it takes full advantage of my funky new pc…some much graphical detailed goodness!

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Posted by chris @ 08/17/2003 10:49 PM AST

dad got his whole PA in a deal from Guan chuan here, he got a sweet deal on PA from a old band that had broken up here ages abo, dad got a foldback moniter, 2 Peavey SP1G’s this big ting that i am gonna rip apart for my bass rig, 3 mic stands, 2 mics, a mes of leads and disasembles plugs, and a roland 8 channel mixer/poweramp for liek $2000. hes pretty stoked cos its all in really good nick. also what do you think i should use for my bass rig? i dunno weither to get 2 15″ speakers or 6 10″ speakers they are actually the exactsame price, it just comes down to how clean the sound is as i get it very loud. I noticed the inaccuratices in the gulfwar battlefeild expansion, a good tactic is to be a engineer and get into the gunner bay in a bomber then parachute out into the ememy base and lay mines in front of the vehicals.

Posted by chris @ 08/17/2003 10:48 PM AST

The Gulf War mod takes a few liberties with the realism, namely that the Iraqis have comaparable equipment and can fight back.

Posted by Edo @ 08/17/2003 09:45 PM AST

mixer is a Ross Systems RCS2842 Mixer. that is 20 mic channels, 4 stereo channels. 4 buss. and stereo mix. all with sexy direct outs and inserts on each channel. it also doubles as a mixer for live occasions. so if i get a band together again, it’ll come in handy. i like mackie. in fact i was trained on a Mackie SR244VLZ Pro Mixer. they are nice. but a little out of my price range. i picked mine up for a sweet bargin of $800.

i would like to play the battlefield through my tv…but it’s at the other end of the room. and the missus gets a little stroppy about me shifting stuff. yes. i like the medics. cause they have automatic weapons. and can heal themselves. the desert combat mod is excellent as it has all the up to date equipment used in the recent iraq conflict.

Posted by mike @ 08/17/2003 09:03 PM AST

what is the mixer (manufactorer), my dad has a 16 channel mackie is taht good?? Battle feild is awesomwe if you play ona a Tv, my neighbour dan’s laptop has a AVaudio output and we play on the telle, it rocks plus surround sound. also use the medic for allies and the engineer for axis, tahts what i find is good anyway

Posted by chris @ 08/17/2003 08:48 PM AST

yes. i have both the desert combat mod and the eve of destruction (vietnam) mod. both lots of fun. can’t fly the planes to save my fucking life though.

new songs very good. much good lyrics. much good music.

Posted by mike @ 08/17/2003 08:46 PM AST

i’m glad you like battlefield, network is the best. bots aren’t too bad either. if you get a chance download the desert wars mod or whatever its called. new house sounds good, can’t wait to use the new mixer. new songs better than old ones. hopefully they turn out good.

Posted by jassa @ 08/17/2003 08:41 PM AST

Capture the Moment review coming soon! (okay, I forgot).

Posted by Edo @ 08/17/2003 08:01 PM AST

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