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Holy Motherfucking Shit

Brian Azzarello & Jim Lee on Superman in 2004!fuck me. i’m actually going to be buying a superman comic next year. that’s something i thought would never happen. man. i could kiss Paul Levitz’s big beautiful head. first batman, now superman. shit, DC have got it sooooo right.

and then there’s the rumors of Greg Rucka, Grant Morrisson and Bill Willingham. *creams pants*

Posted by Mike @ 03:29 PM AST [Link] [2 comments]

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the ONLY superman story i really enjoyed is “Superman for all Seasons” by Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale. It’s about his years before he became superman. kinda like what smallville tries hard to be. it’s really good. even Erin likes it and she’s not a big superhero fan.

with regard to Marvel. yeah. they’ve really fucked up haven’t they? I mean they have few good things going for them like Straczynski’s ‘Supreme Power’, Neil Gaiman’s ‘1602’…and Bendis’ ‘The Pulse’. but yeah, losing Morrison on New X-men will fuck them up bad. considering the other x-books are fucking awful.

Posted by Mike @ 08/08/2003 04:32 PM AST

Dude, I’ve been meaning to ask. Is there any Superman stuff you recommend? A trade or series or ANYTHING.

Marvel look fucking stupid. DC made so many big announcements and signings and all they have is news about how they fired Waid and lost Morrison on bad terms.

Posted by Edo @ 08/08/2003 04:10 PM AST

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