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Gucci doesn’t do falling

Apparently, sunday was the hottest day EVER recorded in England.

I spent it at Regent’s Park listening to Fruitstock, this free little festival over the weekend, it wasn’t anything special just bands playing stuff from jazz to soul to samba to hip hop. It was nice and chilled. I bought a veggie burger from the cult stall. They were handing out these leaflets about worshipping some dude called Master Yushukukuku or whatever to show them divine love and all that usual cult bollocks. So we sat out there in the blazing sun all day listening to tunes, eating strawberries and passing the green love. Everyone was, even families. There was this crazy family sitting a couple of paces away from us and they went mental with water guns, and before long, there was a water feud with them and random people in the park. We got caught in the middle of it, but i love how random people will just mingle with other random people around here. Its sweet.

On Saturday, i did the usual shopping thing, and met up with everyone for lunch at Nando’s. I saw my friend Stuart working there, but his shift had ended by the time we rocked up for food. On Friday, Anna got the day off work cuz she had an asthma attack, so we went to Junction for lunch. I’ve missed that place. I’m starting to get bored with summer now. Everyone’s working their arses off to make ends meet, no one can afford to do anything fun, until uni starts and the loan cheques come though. Another month of bumming around. Man. I’ve been well moody lately. Rob told me he probably wont come back for awhile, and anyway he’s off to Hong Kong in September. What an ass. We havent been getting along too great lately…which isn’t surprising seeing as we havent seen one another since June. Whatever…we’ll see how it is soon enough i suppose.

Be careful on the roads pumpkinheads. I just read Shasha’s website and she had a nasty little shock a couple of days ago. And what with Becca’s accident, its a little warning sign to slow the fuck down. I always sound like a nag when it comes to speeding but apart from my own nasty accident in 2001, there have been more serious incidents when people i know have died. I dont want to get into it.

Had a BBQ at the girl’s house yesterday. I was there until about midnite before i got someone to walk me home. I dont usually make someone do that, but theres this stange little guy that hangs about underneath our stairs lately. Mikie, my flatmate, took a picture of him one night just to see what would happen (yes…i dont get the logic either) and he begged him not to beat him up or anything when Mikie brought out his camera and started snapping away. What a strange little guy!!

I’m going home (to my sister’s place) tomorow. I figure it would be cool to hang out with her before she flies out to Brunei on Friday to see my dad. So, tomorow, on another scorching hot day no doubt, i’l lhave to lug my tent, my sleeping bag, my rucksack and all of that because i’m going to V straight from there. How am i gonna cope with not showering for three days?!! I know they have washing facilities, but sharing showers with thousands of other people doesnt sound too great to me. I’m really looking forward to watching Coldplay and the Foo Fighters. And The Hives. It makes me want to clap my hands with glee. GLEE!!!

Posted by Angela @ 09:44 PM AST [Link] [2 comments]

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Chris Martin is hot. Altho I’m more jealous that ure gonna see Foo Fighters.

Posted by Dee @ 08/13/2003 01:15 PM AST

Coldplay~! Oh I am so jealous of you.

Posted by Edo @ 08/13/2003 11:04 AM AST

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