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I Need Your Advice

Earlier in the year I was convinced I had used up my good music quotient at Big Day Out. When you see Jane’s Addiction, Kraftwerk, Queens of the Stone Age and Wilco in one event, you’re not allowed anything else for the rest of the year. And up to now, that has held true. I have been to not a single show. Nothing interesting at all.

I finally snapped that streak today. I bought me and Mcgee tickets for The White Stripes. Let me tell you: it was so expensive I feel a sharp stabbing pain in my side. SEVENTY DOLLARS. They better have The Strokes and a newly re-animated Bee Gees (1 zombie and 2 live ones is fine) open for them for that kind of money.

And another one. The Ataris are coming to town! Now, for those of you with good memories will know this is my third attempt to see them play in Perth. The first time, I got as far as showing up to the entrance of The Globe before finding its doors shut and the ‘Kris got laryngitis’ sign posted on the door.

The second time, I went and got the ticket with Dan. Dan couldn’t make it so he gave the ticket to my flatmate Kolitha. The show got canned a few days before it was meant to be on because of poor ticket sales. I got my money back and Kolitha got Dan’s money back and bought a Ministry of Sound CD with it (I know).

However, this isn’t the first time I’ll see The Ataris play. I saw them in 1999 in Auckland before they sold out and before people like Sam jumped on the bandwagon*. Here’s a review. I was like 17 at the time:

It’s fucking cold and the line outside is real long. I really need to poo. A brisk walk around the Powerstation reveals there are no male toilets in a 1 km radius. There are, however, female toilets. So I sneak in. Thankfully there is no one there. Hooray~! I get in a stall and unleash a juggernaut. I’m just done when I hear voices. Five girls walk in and start doing their makeup. So I just sit there and listen to them talk about stuff. Girls say pretty dirty stuff. One of them comments that its really smelly in the bathroom (you think your shit don’t stink?). They finally leave. I run out.

The show opens with some guy telling us Hi-Standard is no longer the opening act (boo!) and they’ve been replaced by Bodyjar (boo!). Bodyjar are mercifully quick. No one is in to their songs and they sound terrible.

The Ataris come out to a big pop. At this stage they had just released Blue Skies…, so they have like 16 songs. They save San Dimas for last. Good show. Crowd was in to it.

*I’m kidding. They didn’t sell out.

So, in exchange for coming with me to see The Ataris, I have to go and see The Eels with Mcgee. So now that’s three shows in the space of a month. And the Rugby World Cup will be on in town at the same time. Perth Rock City Baybee~!!! SUCH FUN!!

I actually went to some of my classes for the first time yesterday. Holy crap, they were AWFUL. For my Marketing 100 class, I’m in the worst group ever. There’s this latino girl Michelle Perez who actually seems okay, two Asian kids who I don’t think speak any English and a 50 year old woman with a missing tooth and a hairy upper lip. We had to pick a topic to do our group presentation on. We have pre-assigned questions about ‘the product’s features and how they place it at an advantage over competing products’. So me and Michelle were thinking something to do with cars or laptops. The old lady then offers this gem:

Lady: How about we do Ice brand deoderant?
Me: d…deoderant?
Lady: Yeah, we can bring in a big display board that has a person skiing on it. With snow. (she arcs her hand showing snow spray)
Michelle: We have to answer questions about its features. I don’t think deoderant has features.
Lady: We can bring in a big display board. Skiing. With snow. (arcs her hand again)
Me: Lets pick a topic next week.

PR was like this: Tutor talks about stuff for fifty minutes. Gives out homework.

“You have to write a media release. It must be AT LEAST 200 words. You have a month to do it.”

Both classes seem like an enourmous waste of time. I still haven’t been to my new Internet class. I’ve missed two already. Thats not good.

I finally caught up with some other people at uni.

I saw Christine and was going to shout at her for not hanging out with me at all in the last two weeks. She told me she got evicted from her house and had 60 bucks taken from her wallet so I didn’t.

I saw Karina. SUCH HOTNESS~!! Can’t really remember our conversation. I think we talked about what we did in the holidays.

Kolitha and his girlfriend just bought a commitment puppy for 200 bucks. He was completely against it a few days ago and now he’s saying its a totally good idea. I wonder what she threatened him with to make him change his stance so? Do you actually name a commitment puppy Commitment? Thankfully, Kolitha realises a dog can’t live in our flat so it will stay at his girlfriend’s house the whole time while he just pays for its medical expenses and food. Awesome.

There is no food in the house. And the stove is broken. I might buy BLACK AND GOLD Popcorn. It’s microwavable and it costs 99 cents.

47 pushups, 60 situps today.

I need some advice from you guys. Tomorrow is Christine’s flatmate Jenny’s 21st birthday. She invited me to her party weeks ago. Now, she’s very nice and stuff but it was made clear that is was a drugs party. As in, pills and hash and ecstacy and dexies and stuff. That’s fine, but I don’t do any of that so I will be a ‘sober’ person at the party which really sounds like a recipe for awkwardness and not much fun. Do I still go out of politeness? Do I bail? What excuse do I use?

Posted by Edo @ 05:04 PM AST [Link] [5 comments]

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Is showing up for a party for like an hour and then leaving poor form?

Posted by Edo @ 08/09/2003 12:03 PM AST

yeh, i agree with mr_shaper, but on the other hand you could drink so heavily that you pass out and so you can’t take any drugs

Posted by chris @ 08/08/2003 08:02 PM AST

The problem with Mike’s suggestion is that if you go to the party and drink heavily and then somebody offers you some drugs, there is more of a chance that you will not have your wits about you and accept the drugs. And as we all know know “Drugs are bad, Mkay”…

Posted by Mr_Shaper @ 08/08/2003 07:25 PM AST

thats pretty sound advice.

Posted by Edo @ 08/08/2003 05:32 PM AST

the eels are cool.

just go to the party and drink heavily. then you won’t feel so awkward about not doing any drugs.

Posted by mike @ 08/08/2003 05:18 PM AST

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