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Do this quickly before Google fixes it

Sorry about the random post, i just thought it was funny.

Go to Google
type in “weapons of mass destruction”
hit “I’m feeling lucky” (rather than enter)

amused me.

Edo. I am so sorry to hear about your mom, and like Mike said, you know we are all with you dude.

Kind of puts everything in perspective. I mean, honestly, who cares if I have trouble letting go of old memories? Who cares about half the shit we write about? Not that I am saying we should stop writing our shit, coz it’s fun to read…I just think its time to question how seriously we take ourselves.

Go give your mom a hug today, and tell her that you love her.

Posted by Sam @ 07:40 AM AST [Link] [1 Comment]

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that’s some funny ass shit sam.

Posted by mike @ 07/05/2003 09:23 PM AST

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