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I love the nightlife, I love to boogie

Its Xmas Eve.

I like Gavin Rossdale. Glycerine is Lovely.

I didnt want to write another update right after my own, but everyone seems to be lazy, so i’ll do it. Spent the last few days in and out of hospital, but everything seems to be okay now. Still catching up with old friends and seeing people. I’ve also realised that last night was the first time i slept in a bed rather than on the couch. Excellent.

I’ve drunk far too many ice milo’s.

Took advatage of my jetlag, and spent the early mornings trying to get some color back onto myself, because 6 months away has left me pasty and green. I feel better now. Crispy.

My parents cant be bothered to cook Xmas dinner this year, so they decided to book a table at the Empire last night. I reckon they’ve left it too late. I just realised i get to open presents tomorow. Lovely.

Watched Lilo and Stitch for no particular reason yesterday. Its fucking funny.

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