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Summer time blues (warning: emotional crap inside)

What is the deal with this time of year? i’m not talking about the weather but more the fact that every year this period of months from June-September are not only holiday months but more importantly months of longing and heartache.

(I am mainly refering to the northern hemisphere in which school finishes during june-ish time.)

It is a sad period for most people. The leaving of friends and loved ones. The memories of past summers. The realisation that things will be so much different. face it… summer sucks.

Dont get me wrong, you see i am a big fan of the season; sunshine, long days, hot weather, greenness all around. but like most people i hate leaving. i hate leaving my friends. i hate leaving my girlfriend. shit, i even hate leaving the people i dont like! why? cause i hate leaving my life as i know it. but this is not a whine, my point is simply that things change, life changes and because of this you learn to deal with it.

i was inspired to write this by Sam’s update (see below). Sure we can be uphappy, sure we can be sad… but it doesnt get us anywhere and it sure as hell doesnt change anything. You meet people everywhere… most people, in general, are great and it is because of this you will make friends where ever you end up. As for the people you know, most you’ll never see again, but for those that you really care about, the ones that really made a difference, there is no need to say your goodbyes… you’ll see them again and you know this is true otherwise you wouldnt be upset saying goodbye to them.

my point: Missing people is the most natural of all feelings, dont fight it but at the same time learn to deal with it in your own personal way. Only you really know who has ment that much to you. Dont let them slip away into your memories.


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