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End of an era. That sounds like a wrestling title.

Before i start my update i’d like to bring to the attention of everyone the shocking death of Manchester City and Cameroon footballer Marc-Vivien Foe. The Defensive midfielder died suffering a heart attack during the semi-fianl match of the Confederation Cup against Columbia.
What was so shocking to me, to go along with the fact that he was 28!, was that i was watching that game… one minute he was playing and then out of nothing he collapsed and the medical team helped him off the field… at the end of the game he was anounced dead. unnerving.

So what has happend to me since finishing school?

I finished school on Tuesday and went to my friends apartment to get fucked with some of my fellow school leavers. It was all going pretty dam well until i whiteyed and was in a pretty fucking bad state.. its a good thing i didnt end up having to go to hospital. i have seen this as a pretty significant sign and i have decided to take a much needed break from any kind of drugs. i’ll tell you one thing… it was pretty fucking scary.

I spent the next day recovering with Sara which was much needed and was pretty cool… she makes me happy. on thursday i finally saw my mum after 2 months so we caught up.

which leads me to now… where am i? why i’m at school again! yes, thats right i left school on tuesday never to return… that of course didnt work out so i came back to pick up my stuff and now i’m spending the weekend celebrating with my friends.

it has been a good week, but something is leaving me to wonder if it’ll ever end.

I’ll update again soon, mind you, i have…. forever.


Posted by Matt @ 01:55 AM AST [Link] [2 comments]

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comment noted dude. thanx

Posted by Matt @ 06/30/2003 03:41 AM AST

Dude, heavy drugs = bad. Take is easy, bro.

Posted by Edo @ 06/28/2003 03:24 PM AST

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