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Man, been here three days and i’m restless. Because i am missing my best friend and my boy firiend an awful awful lot, i stuck a picture up here so that i can ogle at it to my heart’s desire every time i blog. So sue me, i am a lovesick puppy, with far too much time on my hands here.

I got here on Thursday afternoon, and as soon as i got home people kept dropping by to check if i was home. I never wanted to shower so badly in my life…you know that horrible airplaney smell sticks to you, and it feels as if theres three inches of stale grime all over your body. Ismay came over pretty much straight away and we spent ages catching up with each other. And then she ended up staying over, and it got so typically girly again. Man, its so good to catch up with old friends!!!!!! Speaking of which, when are Matt and Edo coming here???

Anyway, i’ve done everything there is to do in Brunei and then some. I’ve done the gadong thing, i’ve done the jerudong thing, and yes, i even went go karting…and seeing as the sun’s now up, it has only just reached Sunday morning. Thats only 3 days. 6 more weeks of this. Thats 6 more weeks without Rob, without Anna, without my flat, my boys, friggin life!!! If Anna wasnt coming out i’d ask my dad to get me an earlier flight out of here. I realise now how much it sucks to rely on your parents all of a sudden. Its not fun.

I’m fighting jetlag, i’m grumpy because i havent heard from Rob in 2 days because he’s still in fucking Barcelona, i dont have a mobile here anymore, my television exploded, and i’m not allowed to get any cash out of the cash machine here. My bank is so stingy and stupid. GRRRRRRR!!

I am addicted to strawberry jam and toast. But we have no jam here. I am going to go cry now.

Posted by Angela @ 01:49 PM AST [Link] [2 comments]

Replies: 2 comments

i’m not coming back this summer… i’m sorry guys. 🙁

Posted by Matt @ 06/16/2003 01:36 AM AST

I’ll book on Monday and I’ll try for a date near the end of June/start of July.

I remember a few posts ago, you posted a link but didn’t make it a real link because ‘you didnt know how’. And now you’re posting images that open in little pop-up windows and everything! Fast learner…

Posted by Edo @ 06/15/2003 03:09 PM AST

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