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She’s gonna break soon. Like, maybe twelve times in a row.

I left my computer online last night when I went to bed. I had it all set to download the entire new Less Than Jake album ‘Anthem’. I wake up this morning and what do I find? NONE of the songs were what they were listed as. Instead, they were all a copy of the LTJ single ‘She’s gonna break soon’. That’s utter bullshit. So a word of warning to anyone trying to download any of the songs off Kazaa. Chances are, all you’ll hear is “She’s gonna break soon, she’s gonna break soon…”

I have to go in to ranting old man mode for a second here. It’s my mother’s 50th birthday on Wednesday so I went to get her a card today. Man, why are 99% of birthday cards for mothers completely full of shit? They have the most insanely flowery language that absolutely no one in their right mind would say to their mom. Half of the cards sound like you’re trying to score with your mom or something because the language is so lovey dovey and the card is all pink and surrounded with hearts and doves and stuff.

So I looked around for some cards for turning 50 instead. That wasn’t much better. Why on earth are there so many birthday cards for 50 year olds with sex jokes? That’s just crusty.

I ended up getting a really plain one after about half an hour of searching. The card cost $7.95. Stupid.

/end rant

So after that I spent another 10 minutes looking for the stupid weighing scales in the mall. It turns out I wasn’t going crazy and forgot where it was, they just THREW IT OUT. So now I have to go and buy some. I went to Cash Converters for some second hand weighing scales. The cheapest one? FORTY FIVE DOLLARS. Bah.

I was almost drafted to do some work on a shoot this morning at 7 in the morning but I managed to get out of it last night through some whining and weaseling. Wooo!

…but I still woke up at 7 anyway because of some weird affliction I picked up recently where I wake up early whether I like it or not. I think its the nightmares.

Chances are better than not that I’ll get around to booking my flight details back to Brunei tomorrow so Angela and Matt if you are reading this can you tell me when you’re going to Brunei and how long you are staying for so I can co-ordinate my flights as best as I can.

King Kong (1933 original, the Faye Day one where King Kong climbs the Empire State Building) is a fantastic film and well worth tracking down to watch. If you’re not sold its got a Chinese guy called Charlie, a monkey, a submissive female love interest, the Empire State building scene where Kong swats away some airplanes, a giant snake, the Loch Ness monster, a t-rex, angry black natives, a character who says the line ‘CRAZY BLACK MAN TOOK THE GIRL!’, a pteradactyl, a stegasaurus and a tagline that promises to show something ‘white people have never seen before’. And hey, Peter Jackson cites this film as his inspiration and he’s doing a version of this for 2005. Hands down the best film I’ve seen from the 1930s. It’s hardly aged at all.

To paraphrase Matt from a couple of years ago, ‘there is scent of plot in the air’. I’m planning a road trip for the part of holidays where I’m in Perth. Hopefully, wacky madcap adventures will follow. Last time me and my flatmate had a roadtrip we went with a bunch of Asian kids from the International College. He broke down and cried from the abuse and I was shouted at for the whole trip. Hopefully this time, things will be a bit better.

Posted by Edo @ 05:50 PM AST [Link] [3 comments]

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i regret to inform you that it doesnt look as though i’m going back in the summer… i’ve gotta stay here in england and work so i can fund my year traveling.

I am however planning a trip down to Australia round October/November time… so Mike and Edo, i’ll let you know details.

Posted by Matt @ 06/01/2003 12:12 AM AST

chee chee!!!

i’m out of here on the 15th of june will be in brunei til the 30th of july!!!!


Posted by angela @ 05/27/2003 04:45 AM AST

yeah. i’ve spent all day trying to get ‘Anthem’ off kazaa but had the same problem. fucking major label wasting my fucking time with their trickery. anyways, found a nice little ftp server that has the album so am downloading as i write this. only 5 tracks to go!

Posted by mike @ 05/26/2003 07:57 PM AST

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