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International Friend Day

To deal with getting over Polly, I’m taking a break from having contact with her. Polly called using the excuse of it being ‘International Friend Day’ yesterday. It struck me how silly and bizarre this whole business has got. I act all moody and bitchy but occasionally I let slip and actually sound interested and cheerful. I’m working on it. Polly has a very carefully considered conversation where she never mentions Nigel and instead talks about how she hangs out with ‘Ni…Erin’ and ‘Ni…er, Filin’. I think from a third person’s perspective, it would be quite funny listening to the conversation.

Weight update: I’m at 67.5kg. I put on 1.5kg in the past week. I’m told this is pretty good. If I get my act together, I’ll have a ‘Before’ photo up tomorrow. Actually, it’s more like ‘Current’ since I don’t really look any different.

I totally shaved my head. I mean I razored off the stubble and everything. I look like a Chinese Stone Cold Steve Austin. Unfortunately, it suddenly got really cold so I’m not sure it was such a good idea. I’m talking TEN degrees here. You weaklings in Canada and England probably couldn’t handle it.

My neck has been acting up. Not sure if its because of my crappy pillow or because I spent half an hour on Friday trying to kick flip up and kept landing on the back of my head repeatedly.

Celtic vs. Porto in the UEFA Cup Final next Thursday! Unfortunately, Westham alumnus John Harton has been ruled out injured.

I got a phone call from Wesley asking me what I was doing. I said I was staying at home for the FA Cup. He said that he couldn’t come out because he was busy. Then he hung up. Does anyone else get calls like this?

We live in scary times. After the bombing in Morocco, Australia put out a warning advising holiday makers from travelling to a huge long list of countries because of possible terrorist threats. On that list was Kenya (my birthplace) and …Brunei.

I think I can lay claim to the title of Undisputed Nerd Champion in my group of friends. Two different people have seen The Matrix Reloaded, didn’t understand it, and then asked me to explain it for them. Of course, I haven’t seen it yet. I’m watching it on Monday and you’ll get a full review and my thoughts then. I’ve read heard pretty much universally luke warm responses to Reloaded and I’m not sure if its because the film sucks or if its because it suffers from the middle child syndrome and things only become clear in the third film. Any of the bloggers here seen it yet?

Hope everyone’s weekend was as eventful as last week (specifically Sam, Matt and Angela). I look forward to reading about it.

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