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Here today, gone late today

so i cut my hair again… quite dramatically this time. The plan was originally to look like Chris Number 2 from Anti-flag.. however my friend (who was cutting) had different ideas and thus gave me a mohawk… i thought it was pretty fucking sweet, unfortunatly my school didnt. i was forced to shave it off, so that is the reason that i am now the not-so-proud owner of a shaved head. oh well it grows back i guess… “someday i suppose”.

New News! New Band! Me and 4 others have now formed, get ready for it… an Iron Maiden Tribute band!! yes thats right, we are ‘I am Maiden’!! feel the awesomeness of the situation. Now i can ruin my vocal cords by screeching at the top of my lungs in true Bruce Dickinson/Blaze Bailey style. i can feel the coolness increase as my hair length decreases.

“Jassa number one!”


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