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Finally, I have some direction

After finishing school, being flat out broke, having my girlfriend dumping me, and having my parents giving me shit, understandably i was in a foul mood. When it rains, it pours i guess. Sam and Edo will probably agree.

So now i have a full-time job….working at kohlar ( Some huge ass American corporation that has a production plant in Canada. Thats right, i help produce bathtubs and showers for 40 hours every week. But it pays well, its actually somewhat fun at times, and it will finance my Holland trip in four months.

Its kinda weird working full-time…something i havent really done before.

I have run out of cool websites to visit on a daily basis…any tips?

Hmmm…pat tired now…out

Posted by Pat @ 07:58 PM AST [Link] [2 comments]

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correction: it’s

Posted by Edo @ 05/11/2003 01:26 PM AST

man, that link goes to one of those completely random pages that has porno, dating, gambling, shopping, travel advice and weight loss products. whats the dilly?

Posted by Edo @ 05/11/2003 01:50 AM AST

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