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Edo is penetrated

Tuesday was a bad day

I found out one of my best friends’ (Barbie) brother (who in in Iraq) got hit by a landmine. For all of Tuesday I was not sure if he was alive of dead. He is 20 years old

Today, was a good day.

I found out that Seanessey is alive, hes pretty badly shaken up, but is going to be okay. He was in a HUM-V when it happened, so most of the blast was absorbed by the car.

Also, I got a job working in a cool indy music store in santa barbara called Morning Glory Music. SO COOL!

Also, I passed my California driving test, so now I can cruise around in my mom’s mazda looking pimp.


I am going to take my friend’s missus to her prom (my friend is in the marines and so cant attend). I’m going to look pimp in my tux. If edo tells me how to upload to our webspace I will put a pic in the next post.

I’m going to go get drunk…I deserve it.

Agree with the war or not, spare a thought for the kids over there. And spare a thought for the people back here.
He has really opened my eyes. This is the closest I have ever been to having someone over there fighting that I knew, and it made me wish I was a religious person, just so I could pray for them.

This post is dedicated to the troops over in Iraq and Afganistan who are out there every day, doing a job.

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