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So yesterday I went to the zoo to shoot an assignment. It was a pretty wretched job. The sound equipment didn’t work properly and the animals were in a shitty mood. They kept turning away from the camera as soon as we turned it on. I swear 80% of our shots are of animal ass.

Two of the girls in my group hooked up with some American sailors who were in town for the weekend. It was strange. They were all excited and both were talking about how they were going to make plans to visit them in the States. Apparently, these sailors ‘aren’t like other sailors’. Interesting.

Has anyone else noticed that Kazaa Lite now has really crusty porno on its startup page? I’m thinking of making the switch back to regular Kazaa, worms be damned. Oh, and this downloading of Championship Manager is not going well at all. Fuck it, I might even buy a regular copy. I haven’t bought a game all year.

Ok, ok. I’m DEFINITELY starting my Hulk Up program tomorrow. I’m 93% recovered from my flu.

I was invited out on Saturday by this girl. And then I was uninvited. Dammit.

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