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Smelled like lou-dog inside the van

i made a very cool purchase this week. picked up the second season of the x-files 7 dvd boxset, limited edition 4 dvd spider-man boxset and the special edition double disc unbreakable dvd for only $140. and that included free, i repeat free courier next day shipping. fucking sweet. i love the internet…but i think i love dvds more. still can’t find a good place locally to buy region 1 dvds though. guess i’ll have to ask around.

not only did i score on the dvd department but i got some fantastic four colour funny books this week aswell. the 5th ultimate spider-man trade was released this week and lived up to the coolness of the other 4. also Alias #19, which has to be the fucking coolest storyline this book has had going since the original ‘captain america spotted at a brothel with a whore” one. picture this, the current ‘spider-woman’ Matty Franklin, is fucked up on heroin in the back room of a nightclub in New York with her boyfriend who happens to be a big time drug dealer who keeps her strung out so he can cut off chunks of her flesh so he can sell it to create a new drug called MGN that gives whoever takes it random temporary mutant powers. how fucking cool is that? Brian Michael Bendis is a genius.

watched some good movies this week too. Comic Book Supervillans. great flick that just came out at the rental place. about these two rival comic stores that are fighting over an amazing collection that this old woman has locked up in her house. highly recommended. Also watched the Mothman Prophecies and The Majestic. really enjoyed the Majestic, am quite a fan of Jim Carrey’s not so stupid movies. The Mothman Prophecies was kinda wierd. still not sure that i enjoyed it. was based on a true story…so it kinda freaked me out a little.

it was a good weekend. shame work has to come tomorrow and ruin it all. that, and the landlord is coming on tuesday to do a routine inspection, so there’s gonna be some major cleaning going on tomorrow.

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