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Money and Politics

I have had an interesting week, i went out early in the week and was rather shocked to find out that i was unable to withdraw any money from my bank.. this is not what you need to find when your outside a club and desperatly short of cash… i ended up getting some money off some mates and then i was safe for the night. the next day i went to the bank to see what the problem was. apparently my bank card had expired sad leaving me with no way to withdraw cash until i recieved my new one… Normally when this happens the bank is aware and sends you a replacement before your card actually does expire. however, in this case the wonderful people at HSBC had sent me a replacement… to my brunei address. so for the rest of this week i have been living like a homeless man, who has a place to stay (does that even work?). I have been scavaging off my mates with promises of re-payment when my new card gets through on Monday… i think i owe around 100+ quid.. bollocks Monday is gonna be hella expensive.

The other night after a night out me and my mate Sam headed on back to his for a smoke and to watch the US presidential 2nd debate. After Kerry handed Dubya his ass in the first debate i was expecting Kerry to ‘seal the deal’. however, to his credit Georgie was on form and the 2nd debate was rather deadlocked… riviting stuff. Although i wish Kerry would stop telling us how bad Bush is and rather concentrate on telling the american public what he plans on doing if he is elected into office.



George W Bush: I saw a unique threat in Saddam Hussein, as did my opponent, because we thought he had weapons of mass destruction… I wasn’t happy when we found out there wasn’t weapons, and we’ve got an intelligence group together to figure out why. But Saddam Hussein was a unique threat. And the world is better off without him in power.

John Kerry: The world is more dangerous today because the president didn’t make the right judgements… This president rushed to war, pushed our allies aside. And Iran now is more dangerous, and so is North Korea, with nuclear weapons. He took his eye off the ball, off of Osama Bin Laden.

George W Bush: Saddam Hussein was a threat because he could have given weapons of mass destruction to terrorist enemies. Sanctions were not working. The United Nations was not effective at removing Saddam Hussein.

John Kerry: The goal of the sanctions was not to remove Saddam Hussein, it was to remove the weapons of mass destruction. And, Mr President, just yesterday the [Iraq Survey Group] report told you and the whole world they worked. He didn’t have weapons of mass destruction, Mr President. That was the objective. And if we’d used smart diplomacy, we could have saved $200bn and an invasion of Iraq. And right now, Osama Bin Laden might be in jail or dead. That’s the war against terror.

John Kerry:1, George Bush: 0

3rd debate on wednesday! WOO!



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