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The trains, the tracks, the timmy

Well last night was pretty anti-climatic. For the first time in ages, a day wasn’t good or bad. It was just quiet and dull. It was normal. I went to The Globe and saw Polly there. Nigel wasn’t there but then, NO ONE was there. I don’t know what happened. It’s like, almost all the regulars decided not to go simultaneously.

There was a rather touching and sad visual at the end of the night though that both of us noticed. In the time that we’ve known each other, Polly and I take the trains home and although we take different trains, they are on the same platform so we can sit together and wait. Now, when she goes home to Nigel she takes a different platform so instead of sitting on the same bench, we have this big set of train tracks dividing us and we just look across at each other from a distance. Symbolism! Funnily enough, our trains start by running the same direction and even stop at the same first two stations. So I could see Polly sitting in her train from my train. Until the 3rd stop where she slowly draws away and goes in to a different direction and disappears in to the night.

Today I have to edit my corporate documentary process video which is about as boring as it sounds. This week is supposed to be a holiday and I’ve been doing work almost every day! Lots of it!

My buddy Timmy turns 20 tonight. So tonight, I get to go to a party! Yey!

edit: GODAMMIT, I just got a call from Sarah in my corporate documentary group. It seems our editor has bailed on us. He wasn’t supposed be our editor. He was supposed to be our cameraman but he bailed on us. So we made him editor so he would have actually done some work on this assignment. Now he called Sarah, told her he’s not coming and then hung up on her. This PISSES me off. Doing double the workload on every group assignment fucking sucks.

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